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    HSP Survival Toolkit


    The HSP Survival Toolkit is an online mini-course that helps highly sensitive people to cope with high sensory overstimulation. This course will provide you with coping strategies for when it all gets too much, and will help you to identify the triggers and incorporate the coping strategies before HSP Overwhelm can occur. This course is perfect for people that are feeling intense overwhelm from their daily lives but don’t know why, or for people that have identified that they are HSP and want to learn more about how to handle the ‘overwhelm’. With the HSP Survival Toolkit, you will be able to improve your daily life and learn how to deal with the ‘overwhelm’ in a society that isn’t designed to accommodate your needs.

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    Mindset Reset Toolkit


    If you’re stuck in a life rut and struggling to get out, then this mini-course is perfect for you. The Mindset Reset Toolkit will help you to change your thinking and improve your life. You’ll learn how to reframe your thoughts from those of a fixed mindset to those of a growth mindset. This shift in thinking can lead to improved behaviours and emotions, and help you to achieve your goals. The course includes a workbook of exercises, thought journal template, audio guided visualisation and list of affirmations. It is the perfect toolkit for anyone wanting to make lasting changes in their life.

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    Procrastination Domination Toolkit


    The Procrastination Domination Toolkit is an online mini-course for serial procrastinators who want to break their bad habits and gain control of their time and productivity. The course offers standard benefits such as learning how to break procrastination habits permanently, gaining more done in less time, feeling more accomplished and in control of one’s life,  and enjoying the satisfaction of completing tasks ahead of schedule. In addition, the course also delivers extra value by providing actionable steps and strategies that procrastinators can use to dominate their procrastination once and for all.